Laboratory Attritors

Laboratory Attritors

Why a Laboratory Attritor?

Union Process customers know from experience that the Attritor is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in their lab. It can be equipped or retrofitted easily and inexpensively with a wide variety of components and accessories. With the Attritor, users can choose wet or dry grinding, introduce inert atmospheres, operate at controlled temperatures, vary grinding speed, overcome product contamination, change media size and type, and get precise energy consumption information, all on the same machine. Results are repeatable from one test grind to another for maximum credibility. Finally, the Attritor is ideal for formulating, quality control, and scale-up studies.

Advantages of Using a Laboratory Attritor:

• Fast and efficient grinding
• Numerous options
• Flexibility
• Repeatability
• Scale-up capability
• No premixing
• Easy operation
• Low maintenance




Common Applications for Attritors:

• High tech ceramics
• Paints, toners, inks
• Pigments
• Tungsten carbides
• DSM (mechanical alloying)
• Food products
• Chocolate, confectionery
• Pharmaceuticals
• Chemicals
• Ferrites
• Fibers
• Paper coatings
• Metal powders
• Metal oxides
• Glasses
• Glazes
• Minerals, coal
• Agricultural flowables