Autoclaves and Sterilizers

Floor-Standing Units | 150 -1200 Liters

Our floor standing autoclaves are powerful, compact and economical for use in laboratories and pharmaceuticals. Due to the wide range of options they offer the right solution for every application.

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High Pressure Autoclaves

The devices are built individually for you and can be produced with up to 20 bar (abs) operating pressure and an operating temperature of up to 250°C.

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Large Autoclaves for Production

Production Autoclaves for the laboratory, pharmaceutical, food industry and animal husbandry

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Pure Steam Generator

Our compact electric steam generators of the Steamboy series are available in different sizes from 9 – 78kW. As standard, the units have a maximum operating temperature of 155°C; at an operating pressure of 5.5bar (abs). 

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Table Top Autoclaves | 25-200 Liters

Autoclaves in round and square chamber design

Our benchtop autoclaves not only fit on every laboratory bench, the chamber is also designed to achieve an optimal loading capacity with many standard bottles (e.g. Schott) and Erlenmeyer flasks. 

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Vertical Autoclaves | 80-150 liters
The Laboratory- Vertical- Standing- Autoclaves, short LVSA, are characterized by their low loading height and easy operation.
Our autoclaves are available in four different sizes
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Wash Water Sterilizers

Wash water sterilizers, in a word WWS, are used in safety laboratories of step 3 and 4.

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