Laboratory Furnaces

Chamber Furnaces, Tube Furnaces, High Temperature Chamber Furnaces, High Temperature Tube Furnaces, Custom Made Equipment, Accessories & Optional Features

Chamber Furnaces

Suitable for all kinds of processes such as Ash Analysis, Heat Treatment, Sintering, Preheating, Melting, Thermal Aging, Oxidation, continuous working temperature between 950°C and 1300°C…

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High Temperature Chamber Furnaces

Continuous operating temperature range from 1400°C to 1750°C…

These furnaces that you can use in high heat-demanding processes; In areas such as Mining, Dental, Experimental Research

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High Temperature Tube Furnaces

Continuous working temperature range from 1400 ° C to 1750 ° C

Under reliable protective atmosphere conditions, in a wide temperature range…

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Split Tube Furnaces

Up to 1700 °C, vertical or horizontal operation

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Tube Furnaces

The Tube Series is the right choice for a homogeneous temperature distribution and a reliable protective atmosphere, has the option of a gas inlet and outlet system for the protective atmosphere.

Continuous working temperature from 1100°C to 1300°C, from 20mm to 100mm…

The right choice for a homogeneous temperature distribution and reliable protective atmosphere

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