Safety Cabinets & Hazardous Material Storage

Safety Cabinets, Boxes and Rooms, File/Documents Storage


Three fundamental requirements exist for the storage of flammable liquids: firstly, minimisation of the fire risk and protection of the contents of cabinets in case of fire, secondly, the minimisation of the fumes emitted and thirdly the retention of possible leaks within the cabinets. PRIORIT develops and produces appropriate safety cabinets for this.

File & Documents Cabinet

Fire protection cabinet for secure file and document storage.

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PRIOBOX Fire Resistant Barrel Box

Fire resistant drum cabinet for storage of flammable liquids in drums of up to 200 litres

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PRIOCAB Typ30 Safety Cabinet

Fire resistant security cabinet Typ30 in two sizes

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PRIOCAB Typ90 Safety Cabinet

Fire resistant security cabinet Typ90 in two sizes

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PRIOCONT Fire-Resistant Container

Fire-resistant container for the storage of two ICB shipping container or up to six 200 litre drums on Euro palettes

The container is smoke-tight according to DIN 18095 and provides 90 minutes fire resistance

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PRIOCOVER Mobile Fire Enclosure

 The fire enclosure has a fire resistance rating of 90 minutes

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PRIODOC 30 File & Documents Cabinet

Light fire protection cabinet for secure file and document storage - versatile use. Built for storing large amounts of confidential documents and records worth protecting.

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PRIOROOM GAS Compact Safety Unit For Gas Cylinders

Compact walk-in storage unit with individual dimensions for fire-resistant storage of gas cylinders

The unit provides 90-minute fire resistance


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PRIOROOM GSL Fire Resistant Safety Cabin

Fire-resistant room for the storage of large quantities of hazardous materials and the enclosure of production facilities in operation.

The room provides 90 minutes fire resistance.

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