The surface tension is an important process and quality parameter in the industry. You can find the surface tension in a wide range of applications, such as coating, painting, electroplating, gluing, cleaning and in many other chemical processes. SITA tensiometers measure the dynamic surface tension of liquids according to the bubble pressure method. This enables their use in both, research and development laboratories, as well as process monitoring directly at the plant.

The SITA tensiometers are characterized by high precision measurements and an intuitive operation.

SITA Tensiometer DynoTester +

Measuring the surface tension
Controlling the surfactant concentration


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Dataphysics DCAT 15 Dynamic Contact Angle Measuring Device/Tensiometer


For the software controlled measurement of
- surface and interfacial tension of liquids
- contact angle of powders, fibers and fiber bundles as well as the adsorption behavior of liquids on wetting
materials according to the modified Washburn method
- dynamic contact angle and the surface energy of prismatic and cylindrical testing bodies according to the
Wilhelmy method
- critical micelle formation concentration of surfactants (CMC) after the Wilhelmy plate method or the du
Noüy Ring method with automatic ring correction according to Huh & Mason, Zuidema & Waters or Harkins
& Jordan
- density of liquids and solids
- analysis of sedimentation and penetration tests
- adhesive force


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Dataphysics DCAT – Dynamic Contact Angle measuring devices and Tensiometer

Wilhelmy plate or Du Noüy ring

Surfactants and CMC

Contact angle measurement on powder

Liquid an solid density


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SITA Science Line T100

Mobile laboratory tensiometer for research and development as well as for quality control of products with surface active substances.


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SITA Tensiometer Pro Line T15

Flexible and compact all-round Tensiometer for analysis and optimization


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